Our Core Findings

The controversial findings from the most comprehensive study ever done exclusively on top performing salespeople, and top performing sales teams

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It contradicts most of today's accepted sales practices.

It will answer all of your past performance frustrations.

It is the result of more real-world study, application and scrutiny than any objective study ever done of top-performing sales teams.

Download the first 3 chapters (free) and read how the world's top sales teams deal so differently with hiring, training, rewarding, managing, and holding salespeople accountable – as well as the sources and methodology behind the study itself.


What Are the
6 Best Practices?

Our study distilled a top sales producer down to this definition:

"Natural talent operating under specific conditions"

Discover the 3 Best Practices that pinpoint the natural talents needed for each different stage of your sale, and the 3 Best Practices that create Ideal Performance Conditions.





What We Do

Lasting improvement can only be achieved once key people have completely assimilated new practices and made them their new, habitual behavior – and this is not possible by trying to absorb and digest too much new information all at once.

Read how we help you turn your sales team into an autonomous, high-performing growth machine.







What We Do
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